Smart Growing

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Haziland has made it its goal to develop and distribute smart solutions for horticultural applications that enable a resource-saving use of water and energy.

Whether for the (small) garden, the greenhouse or the indoor growbox, for each of these areas, irrigation can be carried out as needed with our smart control, thus saving precious water. Together with a smart climate control, the growing conditions of the plants can be improved.

We are happy to advise and assist with installation.

lettuce is watered with watering can

Garden and balcony plants watering

Haziland takes care of watering your plants regularly and as needed, at sunrise or at self-defined times. Based on the soil moisture or the current weather forecast, the system automatically decides whether to water. Whether via a rainwater tank, a domestic waterworks or a fixed water connection? 

You decide, Haziland controls. 

Watering manually while on the road? No problem via remote access.

Greenhouse with flowers and lettuce


Haziland takes care of your plants in the greenhouse. Based on the measured values for temperature, air and soil moisture, mangnet valves for irrigation control or any 230V devices for e.g. heating, additional lighting, ventilation, air humidifier or dehumidifier can be switched. 

Stay informed about what's going on in your greenhouse with remote access.

Growbox for Indoor Gardening


Haziland measures temperature, air and soil moisture, calculates the water vapor pressure definition (VPD) and switches supply and exhaust air, recirculation and irrigation on the basis of defined granular values. Of course Lighting and heating are also controlled.

You want to keep the control by yourself? No problem. Via remote acess you can take a look inside the tent, view statistics and control it yourself as needed.

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